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How Power Bank Works and Make your life easy 2019

The best Power Bank June 2019

Now a days we use and spend a lot of time on devices like smartphones, tablets, action cameras, Laptops to electronic cigarettes. These can soon run out of juice and you won’t be able to use your device anymore until you recharge it. You could always carry a charger with you of course, but you’re going to get limited in some way as you need a power outlet and may need to carry many chargers/adaptors in case you have multiple devices.Now here comes the part of small portable batteries(power banks), these relatively small portable batteries are available in many different capacities. Which means you can get a full charge or even multiple full charges out of decent power bank. A best portable power bank 2019 would be the best solution.

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So, what should we be looking for when buying a power bank?. It has to be practical right? And also be affordable!

Dive in to get to know about a power bank that may be a perfect match to all of your needs!

Learn and find out more, because it’s important for you to understand, and like it! If you do, back us now, we’re launching soon on INDIEGOGO 🙂

QCharge Inc.

QCharge Inc. is a London based company specialized in Power Banks and deals with portable power stations. It’s business products complement the range. Its products are contemporary, user-friendly and of very high quality. QCharge is launching a series of power banks, it’s called Qfino. For more information, you may visit Qchargeinc.com or keep reading below 🙂

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Qfino is the most advanced and practical QC Power Bank with a huge 20000mAh capacity. You can get Power Banks with more capacity than Qfino but just look at what Qfino offers! It’s ultra-compact slim design already makes it the coolest and convenient Power Bank to carry around. It’s battery is made of high density lithium polymer which improves charging, conversion rates and stabilizes discharge voltage. With huge 20000mAh capacity, Qfino is the smallest, lightest and thinnest quick-charging power bank on the market today.

Qfino MAssive 20000mah capacity

What Qfino does for you

At just 400g (or 0.88 lbs), this most affordable and practical power bank efficiently delivers 18W of power to personal electronics through one QC USB-C Power input/ output port, one USB Quick Charge port, and 2 USB 10W ports. Through a direct connection via its USB-C port, Qfino provides an extra 3 full charges for MacBook/ Air laptops. It also charges a smartwatch 60 times over, a GoPro 12 times, and provides 8 full additional charges for Apple iPhone 8 and X and Samsung S9 – and they charge fast. Qfino USB Quick Charge 3.0 port speeds up device charging by 20 percent to support the fastest USB on-the-go charging experience.

Qfino powerbank competible for multiple devices

Qfino Family

QCharge is launching a family of the best power banks May 2019. It’s variants are Quick Charge, Qi Wireless Charge and Solar Charge Power Bank.

The Qi Wireless Charge power bank is the fastest charging solution for Qi compatible Smartphones and other devices. The Solar Charge power bank does not have wireless tech but with its huge 20000mAh capacity and 3.0 power delivery, it can charge your Smartphones 7 to 9 times and tablets three times.

Qfino Capabilities

  • Huge 20000mAh capacity
  • Quick Charge 3.0 function
  • Ultra-Compact Slim design
  • 3 inputs available, lightning input, QC input and type C input
  • 4 outputs, one USB-C QC 18W output, one Type-C output, 2 10W outputs
  • 8 Charges for your latest iPhone
  • 7 Charges for latest Samsung and other androids
  • 4 Charges for Macbook air 11, 3.5 for Macbook 12
  • Charges smartly in 1.5 hours

Multiple Protection System

With built-in IC, power bank provides multiple protections, over charge, over current and short circuit protection. The intelligent temperature control system intelligently realizes the need of devices connected and provides energy on that basis, in other words your device is never getting over charged. With Qfino your devices are safe!

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